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On Page 11-62, you lay out Two Notable Stimulus Scenarios. Under the second, Conditional Statements, you state "Many different scenarios can occur in Cannot Be True questions featuring conditional statements, except the following:
The sufficient condition occurs, and the necessary condition does not occur."

At the same time, on Page 11-11, on #1 of the Cannot Be True Possibilities Drill, whoever was narrating the video offered two Cannot Be True outcomes. The conditional statement is "All doctors are wealthy." The narrating LSAT instructor said both of the following Cannot Be True:
(1) I am a doctor, but I am not wealthy (sufficient occurs, necessary does not occur)
(2) I am not wealthy, but I am a doctor (necessary does not occur, sufficient occurs)
Are both above statements a different way of saying the same thing? In other words, does the order of the sufficient occurring but not the necessary matter?
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Hi Aspiringlawyer,

Yes those are the same thing stated in two different ways, exactly as you have stated where the sufficient condition occurs, and the necessary condition does not occur.

When you are thinking about the ordering of things, it's important to realize that those two statements have been generated from the same conditional logic offered up to us in the original statement "All doctors are wealthy." Which is to say that, for the purposes of a CBT question, you may be called upon to identify the sufficient in the stimulus but apply the answer choice to the sufficient to decide if it has occurred. In other words, the order is not important AND you may not get great language indicators in stimulus or answer choice.

Thanks for the great question and I hope this helps.

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