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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=8572)

The correct answer choice is (B)

To answer this Global, Cannot Be True question, notice that each answer choice presents a block of two consecutive variables. This observation can help you focus on the task at hand: you need to determine which one of these answer choices contains a block that cannot be satisfied, i.e. a Not-block. With the six templates handy, proceed by the process of elimination.

Answer choice (A): This answer choice is incorrect, because a SG Block occurs in Template 2B.

Answer choice (B): This is the correct answer choice, because a WR Block does not occur in any template. This inference would be exceptionally difficult to deduce without the use of templates, as it results from the combined application of all four rules.

Answer choice (C): This answer choice is incorrect, because a GS Block can occur in Template 2A, as shown below:
PT65_D11 LG Explanations_game_#4_#22_diagram 1.png
PT65_D11 LG Explanations_game_#4_#22_diagram 1.png (5.6 KiB) Viewed 644 times
Answer choice (D): This answer choice is incorrect, because an RT Block can occur in Templates 1A, 2A, and 3A.

Answer choice (E): This answer choice is incorrect, because a TW Block can occur in Templates 1A and 3A. This answer choice functions as a decoy for test-takers who did not understand the implications of the last rule. As already discussed, a WT Block is only necessary if W is shown earlier than T (W :longline: T). If, on the other hand, T is shown earlier than W, the two variables are not constrained by the last rule: they may form a TW Block, if the remaining rules allow it. They do.

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