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Q3. Which one of the following best represents the main point of passage B?

I got the question correct but it took bit too long . I had difficult time choosing D over E. they both contain some elements (1-100%) of main concluision, ultimate aim of the passage B. In this case, what would be the recommended technique to choosing the correct answer.
 Claire Horan
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As you mentioned, both (D) and (E) are stated in the passage. The question is why are they stated? Main point questions ask you to understand holistically what the author wants. This passage is primarily intended to persuade rather than simply inform. The statement in answer choice (E) was used in the passage to describe something judges do, and in the next sentence the author explained why that was problematic. (D) is a normative statement about what judges shouldn't do, and it matches the normative tone of the passage. Note that (D) matches with a persuasive passage and that (E) would match better with an expository passage with the main purpose of informing its audience.

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