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Please post below with any questions!
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What makes D wrong?
I thought it captures the second and 3rd paragraph...if I am not confused with the two systems...
 Nikki Siclunov
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Hi mokkyukkyu,

To help you figure out where you went wrong here, please provide a detailed breakdown of how you understood the question you’re asking about. Since you’re asking about a Reading Comprehension question, we expect to see evidence that you were able to do the following:
  • Correctly identify the type of question in the stem.
  • If the stem refers to a specific concept in the passage, identify where in the passage this concept was discussed.
  • If the stem allows for a paraphrasable answer, tell us what it was. (Don't be afraid if your prephrase was off).
  • Assuming this is a Must Be True question, as most RC questions are, what textual evidence do you have supporting your choice of (incorrect) answer.
  • Why do you believe the correct answer choice is not supported by the passage?.
The more you tell us about your method of approach, the better we can help you figure it out. :)

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Hi Powerscore,
I was able to narrow the answer choices down to A and D but ultimately choose D, the wrong choice. I understand why A is correct but I want to make sure I understand why D is incorrect.

I realize that it is a Main Point question type, and I choose D because I thought it was supported by the beginning of the last paragraph, "The token system, essentially a system of three-dimensional nouns, was replaced in about 3100 B.C....The eventual evolution of this system into mature writing" (lines 38-44).

Is D wrong because "evolution of this system into mature writing" does not equate with "evolved into modern languages?" Now that I have reread the passage, "evolved into modern languages" does seem like a stretch.

Thank you for your feedback,
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Hi Michelle,

Yes. That is exactly why Answer Option (D) is the incorrect choice here. The passage's concluding paragraph limits itself only to a discussion of writing and does not extend to the language aspect of (D). Answer (A) is therefore the superior choice as it addresses "abstract written language" which the sentence you cite repeats. Remember that a main point question is nothing more than a Must Be True question and that your correct answer choice will have to pass the Fact Test when referring to passage. So don't let them change or exaggerate that idea on you when you are hunting for the right answer for a Main Point Question. Thanks for the great question! :-D
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Hello. I narrowed this question down to both A and D. Both sounded fair at first glance, so I looked for flaws within A, and assumed that stating "tokens dating to roughly 4000 BC" is incorrect because the tokens were never ascribed to 4000 BC. We are given "some dating to before 4000 BC." We have "after 4000 BC hundreds of new token forms developed." And, "the token system, ..., was replaced in about 3100 BC." So at the very least the token system spanned 901 years, but potentially multiples of thousands of years.

Should I have looked more carefully at D, then having all answer choices eliminated, go with A because it is 'more likely' correct (D is wrong for stating modern languages)? Or should I just simply be able to recognize that the tokens are roughly from 4000 BC? thanks

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