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Hi, I am reviewing game 1, February 92, and need help understanding question #17

I have trouble seeing what would change if Tuesday was moved to an earlier part of the day. How does this change affect the other variables?

Thanks for your help
 Jon Denning
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Hey Lina - thanks for the question. I'm guessing you looked through the explanation on 4-108, so I'll try to add to that.

17. First off, the question tells us that 4 is moved from the morning to the afternoon on Tuesday, so I wonder if perhaps a misunderstanding of that is what caused issues (that is, Tuesday is not moved at all, and 4 is moved to a later time on Tuesday, not an earlier time).

The biggest changes you see when you move 4 from Tues morning to Tues afternoon is that the two remaining afternoon spaces (Thurs, Fri) must be filled by 2 and 5 (don't know the order), which means the only open space after 4 is Wed morning so that is taken by 6, and then 1 and 3 must fill the mornings of Mon and Tues (don't know the order). That's a fairly complete diagram, which we can then use to quickly find the answer that is not necessarily true (note: the four wrong answers all must be true, so those should be easy to spot as well).

A. True. 1 is Mon or Tues, 2 is Thurs or Fri afternoon.
B. Not Necessarily True. 2 and 5 are Thurs and Fri, but we don't know the order (see above).
C. True. Just like A, 3 is Mon or Tues, 2 is Thurs or Fri afternoon.
D. True. 6 is Wednesday morning, 5 is Thurs or Fri afternoon.
E. True. 7 is Thursday morning, 2 is Thurs or Fri afternoon.

I hope that helps!

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