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Hi. I am just starting out with Advanced Linear games and I have two questions about the first two games in this section.

Game #1: Feb 1992 Questions 12-17

I had a hard time with this set up and apparently I just missed a lot of the inferences. As I looked at the explanations in the back I did not understand how they determined a few things. One, why does 1 or 3 have to go in Mon AM? Also, when they tell you that 2,5, 8 are cleaned in the afternoons is it safe to assume that the other numbers not mentioned are cleaned in the AM? Or no? Because if you assume that then 6 would have to go in the Wed Am block. right?

 Jamie Caulkins
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Re Monday morning, it can't be 4 or 7 because they are assigned elsewhere. It must be cleaned, cause our two empty slots are occupied elsewhere (Friday am and Wed pm). 8 comes in front of 4 but must be in afternoon, so can't be 8. Also can't be 2 or 5, cause they come in PM. Leaves us with 1,3, and 6, but 6 has to be cleaned after 4, so we're left with 1 and 3.

Second point- don't assume that other numbers must be in AM here, because once you establish that 8 goes Monday in PM, then you have 3 unknown PM slots with only two streets certain to be cleaned in PM. The third PM-cleaned street is unknown, and it could be any street.

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