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Hi I was having a hard time setting up and finding inferences for Game #8 from the Lesson 3 Homework. The game is on page 3-45 and is from the October 1991 exam.

I had the basic vertical diagram and started with all apartment floors with 2 apartments per floor and x'ed out the additional apartment slot for each floor I knew only had 1 apartment. This is what my basic diagram looks like:

5___ ___

4___ ___

3___ ___

2___ _X_

1___ ___

Side diagram/ Symbolic representation:
[ _J _ ___ ]

[M N]

[O P]

[P] (This is to show directly above each other)

Thanks in advanced!
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi M,

There are explanations for every logic game setup, inference, and question in the answer key in your book. For L3HW, the Logic Games explanations start on page 3-118. The explanation for this particular game begins on page 3-136, and it is pretty extensive. Please check that out and let me know if that answers your questions.


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