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I have a question regarding the logical reasoning question 6 of lesson 3 on page 3-5.

The conclusion the author reached was that CXC had increased in virulence in the past 5 years.

I chose A, and then I later realized that A actually strengthens the author's point because if many deaths that are caused by CXC were attributed to another disease that mimics the symptoms of CXC, then it means that there are actually more deaths in recent years, which strengthen the author's point. I wonder am I right to think in this way?

The correct answer is D. I am not sure about the reason behind it.
What I was thinking was that since the farmers learn to treat mild cases of CXC, it indicates that the CXC does not increase in virulence. But the second half of the sentence states that the farmers no longer report to authorities of those cases that they had cured themselves, doesn't this part actually strengthen the author's point because many cases were not reported?

Hope you could explain more about this :) Thank you so much!

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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Adeline,

You posted in the Logical Reasoning Bible Forum, but that's not the right book for this. So I've moved your post over to the section specifically for questions about the lesson. Here, you'll find links to explanations for every question in Lesson 3: lsat/viewforum.php?f=1142

The specific explanation for this question is at: lsat/viewtopic.php?f=683&t=9155.

That should help answer your question, but if not just let us know!
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Hi Dave!

Sorry I didn't find the right forum :-D
Thank you for the direction!

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