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Hi. regarding figuring out viewpoints drill,

this one is about the view the work of Toni Morrison.

you guys say there are 4 viewpoints exist in 1-11 lines which I agreed

but this bothered me as I was going through it: The line 9-11, "By their very nature, Morrison's dynamic portrayals assert that women deserve equal rights in any forum."

Doesn't this line shifts another viewpoint change and this line contains the two viewpoints, the author's view of Morrison and Morrison herself? Therefore technically there are 5 viewpoints?
 Adam Tyson
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Not necessarily, lathlee. That is what the author thinks of Morrison's writing. It doesn't mean that Morrison felt the same way. We can't know from that language whether Morrison would agree with that assessment or not, so we don't want to assume that we know her viewpoint.

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