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Just out of curiosity, what happened with question 17?


 Christen Hammock
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Hi Roze!

Occasionally, LSAC notices a flaw or typo in a question after the test has already been administered. Those questions are deleted!

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I selected answer choice D. (3) I was coming here to see if there was an explanation as to why the correct answer choice was C (2). Now Im wondering if maybe this is why LSAC removed this item from scoring. I guess I can see how 2 sales reps could be the correct answer if the question was worded differently. For example, If T is working in a zone, what is the maximum number of sales rep that could be added to that zone? I guess the way that LSAC worded it could also be viewed the same. It just seemed so literal even though the question wasnt worded in a literal sense, I guess that's what law is all about huh?
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 Dave Killoran
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Yeah, LSAC has made a mistake with the tests they have on Lawhub--they used the original exams, not the later modified exams with some questions removed. So, we're seeing confusion pop up on these previously removed questions because now they are back in circulation. It's incredibly annoying, as you found!

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