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Passage Discussion


This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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Hi Powerscore,

I have a problem with understanding a clause in Line 30 -32, quoted "...,whereas runs aways from it are shortened by an increased tendency of the bacteria to tumble and change direction."

My understanding regarding the entire second paragraph is the same as the above post, but the quote-unquote seems, to me, contradictory with the understanding!

Based on the clause, when the tumbling tendency increases, then bacteria will less likely to run away from the "good stuff", given "runs aways from it are shortened ".
I just can't figure out this clause! Any helps, please!?

 Frank Peter
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HI Tetsuya,

This is a fairly challenging passage, but the best way to aid in your understanding when you encounter technical material like this is to revisit other parts of the passage, since the additional material can often add valuable context.

The sentence starting around line 23 gives us better idea of what is going on here: "As the bacteria encounter increasing
concentrations of the attractant, their tendency to (25) tumble is suppressed, whereas tumbling increases whenever they move away from the attractant."

Now let's consider lines 30-32: "(30) whereas runs away from it are shortened by an increased tendency of the bacteria to tumble and change direction."

Recall that when the author talks about "runs" they are talking about "short smooth runs in relatively straight lines."

So in other words, what the author seems to be saying here is that the bacteria is less likely to move in a straight line away from the attractant; such movement is shortened by an increased tendency to tumble.

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