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Complete Question Explanation

The correct answer choice is (E).

Answer choice (A):

Answer choice (B):

Answer choice (C):

Answer choice (D):

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice.

This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for these types of questions, where we must compare the role of something in the passage to something else?

I chose answer choice B for this question. I eliminated down to answer choice B and E. I think I see why E is a better choice, especially since the passage states that the editor has to decide "what to make of these facts, how they should be emphasized, in what order they ought to be presented, and what was extraneous or germane." I suppose this is very similar to the role a historian plays in a reenactment, but I'm just not sure how I could have eliminated B and how I can avoid this problem in the future.

Thank you in advance!
 Rachael Wilkenfeld
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Hi Caroline,

In these parallel reading comp questions, I like to make myself a checklist of the important components mentioned in the passage. I then use those to compare to the answer choices.

Here, the key components were 1) takes facts given by another, 2) puts them in an order, 3) adds emphasis and context as needed, 4) decides what facts to leave in or take out.

So for answer choice (B) we have some of those elements. We have the worker interpreting instructions given by another, possibly deciding on an order. But the worker doesn't get to add emphasis or context, or decide what instructions stay in or out.

Answer choice (E) on the other hand has a historian, taking history facts, putting them in order, adding context, and deciding what to leave in and out, all in the process of creating a reenactment. Even though the answer choice doesn't specifically list out all these steps, they'd be needed as part of a reenactment.

Hope that helps!

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