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#3 - Educator: If there is a crisis in education today, it

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Complete Question Explanation

Must Be True. The correct answer choice is (D)

The educator in this stimulus complains about the quality of modern education, considering that, according to the author, serious learning has been reduced to degrees which in some cases can be earned without ever learning much of value.

Answer choice (A): While the educator asserts that such degrees can sometimes be meaningless, there is no implication that institutions are increasingly granting meaningless credentials.

Answer choice (B): Like answer choice (A), this answer choice can be ruled out by one word: “easier.” The author is concerned about the possibility of earning meaningless credentials, but does not assert that it has become easier to do so.

Answer choice (C): This answer choice is far too broad; the author is concerned about meaningless credentials, but would not suggest that the granting of degrees and certificates be stopped altogether.

Answer choice (D): This is the correct answer choice. According to the educator, one can earn the referenced credentials by “plodding through courses without ever learning anything of value.”

Answer choice (E): The author makes no such assertion regarding the benefit of education, so this answer choice fails the Fact Test.