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#8 - The director of a secondary school where many students

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Complete Question Explanation

Flaw in the Reasoning-CE. The correct answer choice is (C)

This is a Flaw in the Reasoning question, specifically a flaw in the director’s reasoning. The committee finds that the source of academic problems is that students spend too much time with sports than with studying. Because of this the director concludes that prohibiting sports would cause the students to spend more time studying. Almost immediately this reasoning does seem flawed. Why should we believe that just because students cannot play sports they will study instead? And that is where the flaw lies; the director has given us no reason to think this.

Answer Choice (A): This may very well be true but we are not concerned with the students who do not have academic problems. The director’s argument only applies to students with academic problems.

Answer Choice (B): Like (A) we are not looking for why students can play sports and not have academic problems. What applies to this group of students does not necessarily apply to the problem group. Just because a set of students can handle sports and academics does not prove this for all students. And so it cannot be considered a flaw in reasoning.

Answer Choice (C): This is the correct answer choice. We determined that the director’s flaw was that he gave us no reason to think that time saved on sports will be spent on studying. (C) tells us that the director overlooked that “at least some” students will in fact do this.

Answer Choice (D): Once again the students who do well academically are not the focus of the argument. It is fixated on the same idea as (A) and (B).

Answer Choice (E): The director does not care about the school’s sports program. His argument is focused on fixing the academic problems. He makes no claims about whether it will hurt or help the sports program.