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#20 - So-called environmentalists have argued that the

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Complete Question Explanation

Flaw in the Reasoning. The correct answer choice is (B)

The argument in the stimulus goes as follows:

    Premise: ..... The environmentalists who oppose Golden Lake have opposed objections to most development proposals in recent years.

    Conclusion: ..... These people therefore must be anti-development and anti-progress, and their claim should be dismissed without consideration.

Answer choice (A): Taking lack of proof as if it were sufficient to disprove is a logical flaw, but not applicable to the argument in this case.

Answer choice (B): This is the correct answer choice. The author makes a Source argument, criticizing the environmentalists’ motives rather than addressing the merits of their argument.

Answer choice (C): This answer is incorrect. There may indeed be a trend in voting, and their opposition in this case may not be the exception to the rule.

Answer choice (D): The evidence in this case might be misinterpreted, but it is not necessarily misrepresented.

Answer choice (E): The author makes no reference to, or assumptions about, the individuals in the group. The argument is based on a critique of the group in general.