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#10 - Mark: To convey an understanding of past events, a

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Complete Question Explanation

Method of Reasoning. The correct answer choice is (C)

According to Mark, historians must capture the personal experience of historical events in order to convey a true understanding of them. Carla counters his argument by asserting that subjective perspectives will inevitably generate a biased version of history, and that historians must therefore stick to objective characterizations. In other words, Carla shows that Mark’s selection of historical evidence will actually distort the goal of conveying a proper understanding of history. Answer choice (C) provides the best description of Carla’s counterargument and is therefore the correct answer choice.

Answer choice (A): Carla did not contest Mark’s understanding of history; she only suggested that Mark’s proposed method of gathering historical evidence would lead to undesirable consequences. This answer choice is incorrect.

Answer choice (B): Carla never suggested that it would be impossible for one person to understand another’s feelings. Adopting Mark’s approach may well be feasible and still be a bad idea. This answer choice is incorrect.

Answer choice (C): This is the correct answer choice. See discussion above.

Answer choice (D): It is unclear whether there is any kind of historical writing that Mark actually deplores. His argument never explicitly stated that objective characterizations of history would be unacceptable, and Carla did not question his description of that writing. This answer choice is incorrect.

Answer choice (E): This answer choice falls entirely outside the scope of Carla’s counterargument and is therefore incorrect.