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#19 - A recent survey conducted in one North American city

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Complete Question Explanation

Resolve the Paradox-X. The correct answer choice is (D)

The paradox in this stimulus is the divergence between people survey answers, which suggested that the majority would support the tax increase, and the results of the vote which defeated the proposition. Since this is a Resolve X question, the four incorrect answer choices will provide some explanation for this divergence, and the one correct answer choice will fail to provide one.

Answer choice (A): An unrepresentative survey could explain the divergence between the poll results and the vote results. Since this choice does help to resolve the paradox, it is not the correct answer choice to this Resolve X question.

Answer choice (B): Like answer choice (A), this choice provides us with a reason to doubt the results of the survey, helping to explain the disparity between the survey results and those of the election.

Answer choice (C): If the proposition involved other issues, as this choice provides, that would explain why people might vote against it despite their support of certain parts of the proposition.

Answer choice (D): This is the correct answer choice. Since this choice provides a separate proposition, on a separate issue, about which we are told nothing, it is irrelevant to the paradox in the stimulus, and thus the correct answer to this Resolve X question.

Answer choice (E): This choice cannot be the right answer, because it provides a reasonable explanation for the unexpected results of the vote. If voters found the language confusing, then this might explain how they could feel one way and vote another. Since this choice effectively resolves the paradox, it is an incorrect answer to this Resolve X question.