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#4 - All people residing in the country of Gradara approve

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Complete Question Explanation

Resolve the Paradox. The correct answer choice is (A)

Here we see a scenario that often plays out in the real world—the problem of “not in my backyard.” In this stimulus, everyone is supportive of the idea of disposing of the hazardous waste, but no one wants the disposal site in their community.

Correct answer choice (A) explains the strong opposition to the building permits in spite of the general support for the idea: while the incinerators do reduce overall risk to the population, they bring concentrated risk to the small number of incinerator sites. People like the idea in general, but for obvious reasons prefer not to take on all the associated risk.

Incorrect answer choices (B) and (E) both fail to resolve the paradox, because the cost of the high-temperature incinerators is not at issue—the residents already agree that the incinerators are a good idea in general. Answer choice (C) is irrelevant, and answer choice (D) actually expands the paradox, making the building permit objections even more questionable.