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#2 - If we are to expand the exploration of our solar system

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Complete Question Explanation

Resolve the Paradox. The correct answer choice is (E)

The paradox in this stimulus is found in the fact that two equal flight times have drastically different fuel requirements—one of the trips requires less than half the fuel required by the other trip of roughly equivalent distance. The correct answer choice will explain why one trip is so much more taxing, or why the other trip is so much more efficient.

Correct answer choice (E) explains the difference in fuel requirements. If there is a wide margin between the gravitational pull associated with each lift-off, this explains why one trip requires significantly more fuel than the other. None of the other answer choices resolve the paradox presented in the stimulus; attractive distracter choices (B) and (D) may look tempting, but are irrelevant because the stimulus specifies that it is the same spaceship, making trips of roughly equivalent distances.