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#1 - It is difficult to keep deep wounds free of bacteria.

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Complete Question Explanation

Resolve the Paradox. The correct answer choice is (A)

The paradox presented here is simple: Even strong antibiotics cannot keep deep wounds free of bacteria, yet packing wounds with a sweet substance like sugar does so. The correct answer to this resolve question will explain how sugar is able to do something that a strong antibiotic cannot.

Correct answer choice (A) successfully resolves the paradox: if sugar can dehydrate, where bacteria need moisture, then this explains why it is so effective against bacteria. None of the other choices resolve the paradox presented in the stimulus—answer choice (C) does the opposite, expanding the paradox.
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Hello, is there usually a conclusion in Resolve the paradox questions? If yes, can you tell me what it is in this one? I am a little confused
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Hi 902,
The conclusion is the first sentence "It is difficult to keep deep wounds free of bacteria."
Hope that helps,