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#21 - People who object to the proposed hazardous waste

Anthony Esposito
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Hi Jon,

I'll start with why answer choice (C) is correct and then do my best to explain why the other answer choices are incorrect.

First of all, we need to realize that this is a Must Be True question, and therefore it must pass The Fact Test. This means that the correct answer can be proven by referring to the facts in the stimulus.

In the stimulus, the author is saying that we can't wait until we find a perfect new location for the hazardous waste to move the hazardous waste from the current location. He or she goes on to explain why waiting for the perfect new site poses unacceptable risks. Answer choice (C) is correct because it can be proven by referring to the facts in the stimulus. In the stimulus, the author states that if we wait to remove the waste from its current site, then we'll wait many years and waiting that long clearly poses unacceptable risks.

Regarding the incorrect answers, your explanations of why answer choices (A), (B), and (E) are pretty spot on. Regarding why answer choice (D) is incorrect, that answer choice is too broad. We know that in this particular case, we don't want to wait too long (years) to move the hazardous waste from its current location to the new location. However, using just what we're given in the stimulus, we can't make a statement about "whenever waste must be moved" as the stimulus didn't go that far. It only spoke to this waste and this current location.

Hope this helps,
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Hello Jon,

So I read over your explanations, but I am still having an issue of seeing this as MBT question. I'm referencing this blog post: ... -questions

Do you mind explaining this question stem in detail a bit more. When I initially read this I thought the People who object to proposed hazardous waste storage by appealing to extremely the conclusion b/c the author then goes on to list the reasons why.

Also I am failing to see how this stimulus contain a correlation, I am seeing only a conditional relationship as indicated by the the IF...

my conditional for this was :

if wait to remove waste :arrow: remain in its current loc. for many years

(+) if waste not in current loc. :arrow: waste not in current location.


Edit: also Anthony's response made sense, I see why D is not the correct answer b/c of the strong language as well as it being to broad.
Robert Carroll
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The question tells you to assume the stimulus is true. That means you should be ready to locate a question type in the First or Fourth families. The question also says that the stimulus supports the answer - thus, the stimulus makes the correct answer true, which makes this a Must Be True question. The information flows downward.

The conditionals in the stimulus aren't really relevant to answering this particular question. Because it's a Must Be True, we'd just focus on the facts in the stimulus and find an answer choice matching those facts. The conclusion you identified is just one of those facts.

Robert Carroll