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#13 - Sherrie: Scientists now agree that nicotine in tobacco

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Complete Question Explanation

Point at Issue. The correct answer choice is (C)

Here Sherrie asserts that nicotine should be regulated "in the same way as other dangerous drugs," based on one premise: the fact that nicotine is addictive.

Fran disagrees, asserting that addictive is not enough to warrant government regulation. This conclusion is based on the fact that there are other commonly consumed products, like coffee, whose sales should not be restricted regardless of the fact that they might be considered addictive.

Answer choice (A): While Sherry believes that dangerous drugs should be regulated, neither speaker would agree with this answer choice.

Answer choice (B): Fran makes the point that the sale of such substances should not be restricted, but Sherry does not comment.

Answer choice (C): This is the correct answer choice. Sherrie would argue that such a determination does justify government regulation, while Fran would refute this, pointing to other addictive substances that should not be regulated.

Answer choice (D): According to their comments from the stimulus, neither speaker would necessarily refute this point, so it cannot be the correct answer to this point at issue question.

Answer choice (E): Neither speaker refers to the duty of scientists to cooperate, so this answer choice is incorrect.
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But why can't we infer that when Sherrie says "dangerous drugs" she doesn't mean the caffeine in soft drinks? I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble with figuring out when the LSAT wants us to make inferences and extend their meaning and when I'm taking an inference too far.
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Hi Jessamyn,
Since this is a Prove type of question the information in the stimulus should be taken as true and you use that truth to prove that one of the answer choices is true. Sherrie does not define dangerous drugs, so we cannot say for certain which specific drugs she considers to be dangerous. But we do know that she considers nicotine to be one of those dangerous drugs "tobacco should be treated the same as other dangerous drugs".
Hope that helps!