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#9 - Executive: In order to add to our profits, I was

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Complete Question Explanation

Strengthen-PR. The correct answer choice is (E)

This executive makes an interesting argument. The intent is to increase profits by selling and distributing "herbal tinctures." Because the consensus among the staff and doctors is that they are ineffective, the executive concludes that they will not achieve the desired result of increasing profits. To locate the generalization to which the executive's argument conforms, we should look for the answer choice which links ineffectiveness with the inability to be profitable.

Answer choice (A): While the author does seek such verification, the author does not assert that this is a requirement, so this answer choice is incorrect.

Answer choice (B): The author's assertion is not that the products is almost certainly ineffective, but that a consensus opinion to that effect would render the product unprofitable.

Answer choice (C): The executive does check with both advisors and reliable publications, but does not assert that both are necessary for such a determination.

Answer choice (D): The consensus opinion in this case is that the tinctures are ineffective, not that they have adverse medical effects, so this answer choice is incorrect.

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice, and the one which allows the executive's conclusion to be justifiably drawn.