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#13 - Reptiles are air-breathing vertebrates with completely

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Complete Question Explanation

Parallel Reasoning-SN. The correct answer choice is (A)

This stimulus could be done as a formal logic problem; however, it is easier to see it as the application of a definition.

Reptiles are defined, and as long as we assume that alligators are reptiles, it follows that what is true for all reptiles is true for alligators.

The correct answer choice should make a similar assumption and apply a definition.

Answer choice (A): This is the correct answer choice. If we assume that grasses are green plants, it makes sense to apply the definition of green plants to grasses.

Answer choice (B): This answer choice does not involve an application of a definition, and is incorrect. Furthermore, this choice operates by moving from "some" to "all," which we know from our formal logic ladder is possible, but not definite, so this response contains flawed reasoning, whereas the reasoning in the stimulus was actually fairly good.

Answer choice (C): This choice seems to involve the application of a definition. However, just as in answer choice (B), the response moves from "can" to "must," which is unjustified, so this response is incorrect. Furthermore, in the stimulus the definition remained unchanged, as it should in the correct response.

Answer choice (D): This is perfectly good reasoning, but does not involve an assumption. Remember, the stimulus involved the assumption "all alligators are reptiles."

Answer choice (E): This choice offers a reasonable argument; however, this response concerns likelihood, whereas the stimulus involved certainty, so this response is incorrect. Furthermore, rather than forcing us to assume that Lindsey is a skier, this choice stated as much, so the same kind of assumption does not exist.