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#12 - One cannot prepare a good meal from bad food

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I am confused on this question. I had trouble diagramming it. I've seen on some other forums/websites the diagram being:

Good Meal :arrow: Good Food :arrow: Good Soil :arrow: Good Farming :arrow: Culture

I don't understand how a couple of the chains are possible. How can Good Meal :arrow: Good Food be possible?

I thought the logical opposite of Bad Food is (not) Bad Food? Therefore, wouldn't Good Food be the polar opposite, something we can't necessarily infer?
Claire Horan
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Hi Brett,

I think you are right to point out that food could be neither good or bad and that this problem isn't as logically tight as it could be. However, all of the incorrect answer choices involve a Mistaken Reversal or a Mistaken Negation. They all reverse, in one way or another, the sufficient and necessary conditions. The correct answer, A, is the only one that correctly identifies which clause is sufficient and which is necessary. The problems might not always be written perfectly, but try to just pick the best one!

Good luck!

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Hi Powerscore,

I correctly chose choice A for this problem, but am wondering if you could clarify why C is incorrect. I have my conditional chain written as follows:

Good Meal :arrow: Good Food :arrow: Good Soil :arrow: Good Farming :arrow: Cultural Practices

Does the term prerequisite refer to the necessary condition?

Thanks for your help!
Eric Ockert
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That's exactly right. Answer choice (C) is saying that good soil is required for good farming, or, to diagram:

Good Farming :arrow: Good Soil

This would be a Mistaken Reversal of one of the relationships presented in the stimulus, and so cannot be proven with certainty.

Hope that helps!
Eric Ockert
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