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#10 - Samuel: Because communication via computer is usually

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I got down to C and E as possible answer choices. Can you please explain why C would be incorrect as opposed to E? Thank you.
Steve Stein
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Hi Jon,

That's a point at issue question, so the correct answer choice should provide an assertion with which one speaker would likely agree and the other disagree.

Samuel says that computer communication usually replaces face to face communication, computer communication can help dissolve communal bonds.

Tova disagrees with the notion that computer communication replaces more intimage interaction, saying that computer communication more often replaces asocial or antisocial behavior

So, what is the point at issue? The two speakers disagree about what type of communication is usually replaced by computer communication. Answer choice (E) properly relays this idea, providing a statement with which Samuel would agree, and with which Tova would not agree. As for answer choice (C), they both might agree that face-to-face communication is better for social bonds, so this is not the point at issue between the speakers.

I hope that's helpful! Please let me know whether this is clear--thanks!

Steve Stein
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