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Question stem

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Is "the situation as Madden describes it best illustrates which of the following proposition" a principle stem?

I'm not sure what proposition is referring to or how to approach it
Steve Stein
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That is a principle question--the correct answer will provide the proposition that is illustrated by the stimulus. Please let me know whether this is clear--thanks!

Steve Stein
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Is this a Justify PR question? or a Strengthen PR?

Jamena Pirone
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Hi separk,

This would be neither a Justify PR nor a Strengthen PR question stem.

Here the question stem is asking you to use the information in the stimulus, taking it as true, and ascertain something from it. That is a "Family #1 Prove" concept. Depending on how the answer choices are constructed, this could be a Must Be True PR question or a Main Point PR question.

Justify and Strengthen, on the other hand, are "Family #3 Help" concepts where you are tasked with analyzing each answer choice, taking THOSE as true, and determining which of them best "fixes" the problem with the stimulus.

I hope that helps. Let me know if anything remains unclear.