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#19- The coach of the Eagles used a computer analysis to

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Thank you Nikki!
That helps clarify things a great deal. In fact, it's helped me in attacking other similar questions as well :)
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Hi PowerScore,

A somewhat abstract question here. When I did this question, I thought "looks like a TimeShift error," which it turned out to be. But then I went ahead and diagrammed the conditionals just to be safe. I'm somewhat stuck because I get to #19 with about 9 minutes left, but sometimes struggle to finish. In this case, the diagramming was not necessary, but sometimes it is this late in the section and in those cases, it is usually the key to the question.

Do you recommend diagramming in this instance? I could easily have taken my prephrase and run, but that doesn't always work!

Adam Tyson
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If you have a solid prephrase, and you feel confident about it, run with it, Deck! Diagram when you need to in order to understand the stimulus. If you already understand it, then diagramming it is unnecessary and wastes precious time.
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