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#15 - If Agnes’s research proposal is approved, the fourth

Basia W
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Good evening,

Would you suggest using a conditional reasoning diagram for this question? And if you were to do so, how does one arrive at B? This answer choice surprised me.


Luke Haqq
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Hi Basia,

That's a great question. On the one hand, it's almost always the best idea to diagram every time you see conditional reasoning. This helps one be able to identify inferences, avoid trap answers, and generally have a understanding of the stimulus. On the other, a test taker might also find that substantial time was put into diagramming out conditional statements, and they don't end up being necessary to reach the right answer.

This particular question is a tricky case since every sentence involves conditional reasoning. My advice for a question like this is to read it through once, identify the conclusion, and read the question. Since this is a flaw question, when you go back through a second time, search to identify the flaw(s).

The stimulus states that a proposal must be supported by the director to be approved. However, it does not state that the director's support guarantees it will be approved. Thus, while Agnes' proposal will be supported by the director, we do not know whether it will be approved as well, in which case we do not know that the lab must be cleaned out.
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How do we diagram "only those proposals the director supports will be approved"? Only introduces the necessary condition and I thought the necessary condition is "directors support", thus:

Approved --> Director's support

Is this correct?
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Hi Eober,

Yes, you've got this one just right!