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#9 - In a recent poll of chief executive officers (CEOs) of

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I saw B and D as possible answer choices. The LSAC's explanation in the Superprep book was that someone who considers something a "top priority" can't also be "indifferent" simply because of the meanings of the two words. I didn't really agree with that explanation though because it seemed too cursory and a little out of the blue. Can you explain what they mean exactly and why B is incorrect?

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Thanks for your question.

What they mean by that explanation is that if something is your top priority, then it is the thing that you care the most about--so you cannot really be indifferent to your top priority. As such, answer choice (B) doesn't really provide a flaw. The real issue, as reflected in correct answer choice (D), is the author's questionable presumption that the CEOs actually practice what they preach.

I hope that's helpful--please let me know whether this is clear--thanks!

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