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#7 - A certain retailer promotes merchandise by using the

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Complete Question Explanation

Must Be True—SN. The correct answer choice is (D)

This stimulus presents several conditional statements regarding a certain store's policy concerning sales:

At all times there is either a managers sale, or a holiday sale, or both:

    no manager's sale → holiday sale

    no holiday sale → manager sale

If a manager wishes to clear out a line of merchandise, they have a manager's sale:

    manager wishes to clear → manager's sale
If a holiday falls within a given month and there is excess merchandise, they have a holiday sale:


    and .......... holiday sale


In August, there is no holiday and no excess:

    ..... ..... ..... no holiday

    August .......... and

    ..... ..... ..... no excess

The question stem is a Must Be True, so the right answer choice should be confirmed by the conditional statements above.

Answer choice (A): This answer choice is not supported by the passage; all we can say is that if there is excess in any holiday month, there will be a holiday sale. If there is no excess, we have no information on what the store will do.

Answer choice (B): This incorrect answer choice is unsupported by the stimulus, as there may be other months without holidays, and other holiday months without excess.

Answer choice (C): We know that this is unsupported; there could still be excess merchandise, and there could still be a concurrent holiday sale as well.

Answer choice (D): This is the correct answer choice, confirmed by the first conditional rule presented in the stimulus: there is always either a managers sale, or a holiday sale, or both.

Answer choice (E): This is a mistaken negation of a portion of the final conditional rule. According to the stimulus, if it is August there is no excess: ..... August → no excess

This choice incorrectly asserts a mistaken reversal: ..... no excess → August
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How would I diagram this? At all times there is either a managers sale or a holiday sale or both going on?

MS :dblline: HS I know this means one or the other but not both.

Jon Denning
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Hey rameday,

You're close! The fact that at least one must always be occurring means that they can't both be absent, hence we'd show it as follows:

..... MS :dblline: HS

What that means is that if one is not present/happening, the other must be. By default this also allows the possibility of them happening merely rules out the option of them both being removed.

Hope that helps!
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