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#19 - In the first decade following the founding of the

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Dear Powerscore,

I just want to know why B is right, and why c is the wrong answer, what makes it wrong and what makes B right. So, basically I thought if the numbers are correct than techincally the statement that they gained more voters the second time is correct, because it is similar to exponential growth. However, I picked C.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Stein
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Hi ellenb,

In that one, the author provides that during the Labour Party's first decade, the party increased its voters by five times. (say, from 10 to 50, for an increase of 40).

In the next decade, the party increased its votes by another five times (with the same example, this would represent an increase from 50 to 250--for an increase of 200).

Based on this, we can see that the number of voters actually did increase by more during the second decade, yet the author concludes that this claim must be false. That is an inherent contradiction, as described by answer choice B.

I hope that's helpful! Please let me know whether this is clear--thanks!

Steve Stein
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