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#8 - Jones is selling a house to Smith. The contract between

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Dear Powerscore,

I had a question for this question, I picked D, I know that the answer is C. It appeared to be right because it is true that Smith will be respoinsible for all structural defects, that Jones is not responsible, is it because within a year?

Please let me know why this answer is wrong and c is right.


Luke Haqq
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Hi Ellen,

Answer choice D is incorrect because we simply do not know what obligations Smith will have. For example, Smith might enter into a contract with someone else besides Jones concerning structural defects in the house. The problem with answer choice D is that it could be true, but it does not have to be true based on the information in the stimulus, and this is a must be true question.

The stimulus does not tell us about Smith's obligations but rather primarily about those of Jones. Answer choice C must be true based on the stimulus because the contract only obliges Jones to repair supporting components, and non-exterior walls are not supporting components of the house.