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Update Powerscore books 2019

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Good morning its Alberto. Just curious respectfully please tell me what is the difference between the 2018 powerscore book and the new edition 2019? I need to know if it includes what you Mr. Dave mentioned and the break down onn specific questions on a recent Pod Cast I enjoyed, about how LSAC writers know that student know and recognize certain questions thereby able to arrive at the correct answers. You mentioned Mr. Dave the subtle moves LSAC is making to increase the difficulty so is this in your new updated edition? Thank you and I await your response. Thatis my only question.
Stephanie Turaj
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Hi alberto,

Thanks for the post! You can find a breakdown of the changes made in the 2019 Bibles (versus the 2018 Bibles) here:

If you're instead referring to the 2020 Bibles, they will be released later this year and will include updated content and some tips on the digital LSAT. But since they haven't been published just yet, a full breakdown of the changes for the upcoming 2020 version is not available just yet. :)