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Hey team,

I am writing the July 2019 practice test, and throughout studying I have been having trouble with Main Point questions in the Reading Comprehension section. I decided to try out a new strategy on my latest practice test, and I am wondering if the strategy I tried is advisable or if it was more of a fluke that it worked out. My strategy was to answer all the other questions for the questions set and then go back to the main point question. I found that I was more able to see the bigger picture compared to when I did the main point question first. I got all of the main point questions correct when I did this, but I am not sure if it was just because the questions were easier or because the strategy was actually solid. In comparison on previous tests when I did the main point question first, I averaged at about getting only 1 or 2 correct. Please let me know what you guys think as a don't have a lot more time to test this out again on more practice tests!

Thank you!!

Malila Robinson
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Hi Sarah,
That is a great strategy, and it makes a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint. The more questions that you answer about a particular passage makes it likely that you will have gone back into the passage to seek out the answers to those questions, and that increases the likelihood that you will understand the passage better. Additionally, you may notice that the other questions tend to focus on aspects of the main point, which helps you to figure it out.
So yes! It works for you, and it makes sense as a strategy. Go for it!