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Test scores way lower than PT Averages

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I took the LSAT for the first time in March after studying for about 5 months. My PT average was a 170, and I got a 166. I registered for the June test and after studying again for the retake my average was a 173, with my highest score on a preptest being a 178. These were timed tests in as realistic conditions as possible. By the time I took the June test, I had not dipped below a 170 on a preptest since February. I took the June test. I felt confident going in, felt confident going out. However, my June LSAT score was a 165. Obviously, there's some underlying mentality issue here. What can I do to study for a retake so I can hit my average or at least near it?
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Hi 165Hell,
I'll try to give you some general advice, but this is probably something that can best be addressed in a more personalized manner in a one-on-one session with a tutor. For example your tutor would be able to analyze your practice tests and your actual LSAT tests to see if there is some sort of pattern to the types of questions you tend to get wrong and would then be able to give you targeted advice for how to maintain your fabulous practice test scores.
But to give you some general advice, the most obvious answer would be that there is some sort of test anxiety that is going on. It is natural to see a slight difference in practice test scores and the real test because of nerves. But when you are scoring that high I would generally expect it to be more of a 1-3 point difference. Additionally, if you are re-taking practice tests you may have memorized some of the answers which could cause a slight inflation to your practice test scores.
Hang in there! Your scores are wonderful, you can do this!