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#14 - Ethicist: Both ASA and TPA

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Struggled between C and E. Why is C right and E wrong?

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When you're asked to identify the conclusion of a stimulus, you need to identify the portion that the rest of the stimulus is designed to support. (E) is just a fact presented by the stimulus and is clearly not what the stimulus is trying to prove. (C), on the other hand, is the main thrust of the stimulus--TPA may be worth the extra cost even though only a few more lives are saved.

You can also read (C) and (E) and ask yourself "why." If the stimulus answers the question, you've found the conclusion.

(C): We have to look at more than just the cost of TPA.


Stimulus: Because family members will be pretty sad if we just let those extra 2 people die.

(E): Family members will be sad if a family member dies because people were cheapskates.


Stimulus doesn't offer any information to support this, so it's not the conclusion.