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LSAT 5 days away and need some guidance

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Today I took a timed practice test (5 sections with one 10 minute break) and received a score I was very unhappy with (151). I was planning for this to be my last practice test before the real thing and to hit a score I was happy with as a confidence boost and it seemed that I got the opposite result.

A couple of weeks ago I scored a 157 with the same test conditions and I felt I was trending upward and ready to finally hit above a 160. Now being so close to test day and scoring poorly I feel that the 157 was a fluke. I did manage to score my personal best on games today hitting 18/23; however, the two LR sections I scored today were the worst I've scored in over 3 weeks and my reading comp has consistently been below 16.

I know I can score better on LR considering I was scoring 20/25 and 19/25 last week, but I'm very concerned about RC and how that will affect my score come Monday. Any thoughts on how I should move forward? And any tips on how to move through RC passages?

Thank you!
Brook Miscoski
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My advice is that trying to score a confidence number immediately prior to the actual LSAT is a mistake. You should be focused on technique, pacing, and addressing any remaining preparation issues. That's how you would prepare for practically any other test. Just forget about the 151 and focus on what matters.

With reading comprehension, you need to focus on the VIEWSTAMP method. Accurate reading, not speedy reading, leads to success on the RC section. If you haven't developed that technique, you need to. Trying to force your way through the passages leads to confusion and a low number of correct choices. I suggest familiarizing/refamiliarizing yourself with the technique and doing a few RC passages untimed with the goal of getting every question right. Don't let frustration or a desire for speed interfere with the drill.