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Burnout before July!

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Hi! I am taking the July 15 LSAT and took my last practice test on Friday and got a score that I am happy with!! I listened to your podcast and it seems like it would be okay to not take another test before the exam, but I don't want my skills to be rusty and I don't want to lose any of the stamina I have built up... but my head also feels fried so I really don't want to take any more tests. Do I have to take practice tests to stay on my A-game? Or are there other ways I can study that will be effective and won't burn me out?
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While I do not work for Powerscore, I'd like to share my experience. When I was in my prep phase for the LSAT, I didn't listen to my body and became burned out more than once, and there were consequences of that - significant score drops that were not typical for me. In my experience most students and experts advised me to do as many LSAT prep tests as possible in a short period of time. This is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion, and for the way I work.

On that note - You have a sense that you're ready for this test, trust that. As for another effective way to taper down your studies as you approach test day. I'd do less and less as test day approached. You've done the work, and put the hours in - trust what you're feeling.

Best of luck, I am with you in spirit, as I imagine all test takers former and present are.
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Good advice from T.B. Justin - thank you!

You're right, LSATLUVR, that we have advised students not to go crazy on practice tests the final week, especially in a case like yours where you've gotten a recent score that you're pleased with. Keep it light this week, just doing enough to stay sharp without overdoing it - a few LR questions, a game here and there (untimed), a couple RC passages (also untimed). No more PTs for you! Instead, focus on other factors, like eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, getting a little light exercise, prepping your bag to take to the test center, printing your admission ticket, and checking the route that you will take to get there and the parking situation in the area.

Sounds like you're ready! Good luck, you've got this!
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