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4 Month Study Plan

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I am currently on the 4-Month Study plan for the September 2019 LSAT. How do you suggest that handle the Type Training section of the assignments? Given that there is so much material to power through, is it realistic to correct and fully understand each and every answer choice to all the questions? Thank you very much!

Adam Tyson
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That depends a lot on your schedule, kwcflynn - there's probably time if you have nothing else going on in your life, like a job or a family. Generally, though, I recommend picking and choosing a little bit on those question types. For example, if you are doing great with Resolve the Paradox questions, you might choose to just do a handful of those to keep sharp, rather than going through them all. Meanwhile, you might be struggling with Parallel Reasoning, and choose to do many more of those to build strength in place of weakness. Even then, though, I would say it's okay to not do them all - you can save some for later practice, including the possibility of studying down the road for a retake. I usually suggest to my students that they start by doing the odd-numbered questions only, and save the evens for future practice if needed.

Basically, don't burn all your resources in one shot, and don't burn yourself out on any one topic. Focus on your weaknesses, but don't ignore areas where you are strong. Pace yourself!
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