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#5 - Studies reveal that most people select the foods they

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I recently completed the PT and am a little confused about the difference between B and E. I ultimately chose E, but even when I reviewed the test I still don't fully understand why Bis incorrect. Could someone better explain why B is incorrect?

Thanks - A
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Good Q. I can think of a few ways of seeing answer (B) as incorrect.

First, (B) does not strengthen the argument. To strengthen this argument, you need an answer that says people can be persuaded to eat nutritious foods because they're "flavorful." But answer (B) discusses nutritious food that is "not flavorful," so (B) does not really apply to the argument at all. In other words, to help the argument, (B) would have to say that people choose "nutritious and flavorful" food when given the chance.

Second, (B) actually implies the opposite of what kind of answer we're looking for here. It says "few people... will choose foods that are nutritious." So, (B) is giving a reason to doubt people could be persuaded to eat some nutritious food (albeit non-flavorful, so not exactly a match). If anything, I read (B) as an opposite answer.

On the other hand (E) stays on-topic and helps the argument by giving a new fact suggesting people could be persuaded to eat flavorful nutritious food.