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#3 - Specific Reference, Must Be True

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Can someone explain why the answer to number 3 is e and not c?
James Finch
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Hi Lane,

This is an "Except" question stem, so we're looking for what isn't in the passage. (C) describes a situation where GDP isn't accurately measuring the economic health of certain countries, so countries with lower GNP can actually be more economically healthy overall than ones with greater GNP overall but, say, much higher levels of inequality. This is essentially the argument being made in the last two paragraphs of the passage, so this answer choice is incorrect.

(E) essentially describes an entirely different one to that made in the passage; the passage here is making the argument that GNP is, at best, an incomplete picture of a nation's economic health and shouldn't be relied upon soley by economists, while (E) is talking about ways that countries' might raise their GNPs, implying that GNP is a useful measure of a country's economy. The passage doesn't do this, as it is primarily concerned with discrediting GNP, so (E) is correct.

Hope this clears things up!