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July LSAT Cancel

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Hi! So I have registered for the July LSAT, and was curious about the specific details regarding a cancellation. The LSAC website says that we receive July test scores on August 28, which is after the September test registration date (August 1). I was wondering that if I decide to enroll for the September test before seeing my score, would I still receive the fee waiver for september if I decide to cancel?
Jon Denning
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Hi yashchavda - thanks for posting, and welcome to the Forum!

That's a great question, although unfortunately we haven't been able to get a clear answer from LSAC on it yet. That is, they haven't released anything official that I've seen, so we've been encouraging students in this position—of whom there are many—to call LSAC directly and inquire: "Can I apply my July score cancellation fee waiver to the September 2019 LSAT, provided I've registered and paid for September prior to the registration deadline and the July score release? (Will you refund my September registration fee if I cancel my July score?)"

The response most people have received so far has been a very tentative "I believe so...but we encourage you to register for October instead as that test will allow a July cancellation before the deadline to register." Not what I'd call conclusive either way, and also patently unfair in my opinion; LSAC has stated all along that canceling July allows you a free test through the following April, so why wouldn't the very next test (September) be among the free options? Surely they could offer it retroactively after a July cancel in the form of a refund for anyone signed up for September...

It seems pretty cut and dry to me, but thus far it's anything but. So give LSAC a call and press the issue, and if you could report back here with what they tell you that'd help to hopefully clarify their position for others in the same boat!

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