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#3 - Muscular strength is a limited resource, and athletic

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Complete Question Explanation

Main Point. The correct answer choice is (C)

The first sentence of the argument is a premise. The second sentence is divided into a premise
and a conclusion: the premise is introduced by the indicator “since,” and the conclusion of the
argument is introduced by the indicator “it follows that.” As stated in the argument, the conclusion
is “a requirement for an athlete to become a champion is a superior mastery of athletic techniques.”
Because the conditional indicator “requirement” is used, we can draw a conditional diagram of the

..... ..... C = champion
..... ..... SM = superior mastery of athletic techniques

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... C :arrow: SM

Note that “requirement’ is a necessary condition indicator, and the “requirement” referred to is
“superior mastery of athletic techniques.”

Answer choice (A): This is a Mistaken Reversal of the conclusion. Note how right away the test
makers are trying to test you to see if you will fall for an answer that uses the elements of the
conclusion but in the wrong relationship. You must be on guard at all times!

Answer choice (B): Although this answer is likely to be true in the real world, this is not stated in the
argument. The only comment made on muscle strength is that top athletes do not differ greatly from
each other in muscular strength.

Answer choice (C): This correct answer is a paraphrase of the conclusion, and the diagram for this
answer choice is the same as the diagram of the conclusion. Note: to produce the diagram for this
answer choice, use the Unless Equation (the presence of the word “without” triggers the application
of that technique).

Answer choice (D): This is a classic incorrect Main Point question answer choice. Although the
author would agree with this statement, this is not the main point of the argument.

Answer choice (E): This answer is similar to answer choice (D). Again, the answer choice repeats
part of the argument, but this answer does not capture the main point of the argument.