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Advice for Morning of June 3rd Test

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Hi! I was wondering if y'all have any advice for what to do in the morning of the June 3rd test. I don't need to drive a super long way to my testing center but I don't think that I'll be able to sleep in until 9 or 10 am on Monday due to nerves. Any general advice of what we should do the morning of so I don't have a nervous breakdown?
James Finch
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Hi M. Bruehl,

The exams I sat for were in the morning (9 AM) so this may not apply to your specific situation, but I advise following as normal a schedule as possible, including making sure to be well-fed and as relaxed as possible. I definitely would advise against any last-minute studying, as the LSAT isn't a test that rewards "cramming" and it's more likely to demoralize you than build up your confidence. Try and follow a normal, relaxing routine that helps you take your mind off of the stress of the test and allows you to be as energetic and confident as you can be when the exam starts. What exactly that entails is up to you, but I've had past students do yoga or a light gym workout either the night before or the morning of the test and tell me that those activities helped them relax, so something similarly relaxing would be my advice.

Hope this helps!
Stephanie Turaj
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Hi mbruehl,

As a follow-up to James's great advice, we also have an LSAT Podcast about what to do the week before (and the day of) the LSAT.

Adam Brinker
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Additionally, here is a blog on the subject: ... -the-lsat/

You got this!
Adam Brinker
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