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So, I applied for the current cycle, and I'm waitlisted at my top choice. Would re-taking the LSAT in July hurt or improve my chances? I'm not familiar at all with the digital format. I took it 3 times on paper. If I retake and decide to cancel my score, will law schools that I'm waitlisted to know about it?

Thank you
Brook Miscoski
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Whether the LSAT in July will help or hurt your chances is something that an outsider can't predict. I don't know why you are waitlisted at your top choice. If your score is low for that school's accepted applicants, then a higher score might help you get priority if a spot opens up, but applicants are waitlisted for many reasons other than score. Even some applicants who score higher than the school's average and who are otherwise ideal candidates will be waitlisted. So you need to talk specifically to the admissions staff of that school.

My feeling about the July LSAT is that schools will understand if someone cancels a score on that test. There's a reason the LSAC is allowing students to see and then cancel scores, because there's uncertainty about how comparable the July LSAT will be to other examinations. That part, I wouldn't worry about--but again, only the admissions staff of that school can give you a reliable answer.