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Logical reasoning

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Good morning its Alberto.
I sent a detailed question concerning logical reasoning: I wanted to know and I ask again and respond please if can, to question sent Apr. 29th Monday afternoon and sending another April 30th Tuesday morning: The chapter 17 Numbers and percentages and the example I got right, I guessed using the Assumption Negation to figure it out. The page in chapter 17 : P. 581, I like to know if okay to use Assumption Negation only when necessary? Also please explain if time , P.591 question:#2 the answer:E. why? I missing something?Respectfully explain? Thanks. Anyone can response: Adam, Jon, Dave and I appreciate.

Adam Brinker
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Hi alberto,

It appears this question was answered on your post yesterday:

If that doesn't cover it, please let us know.
Adam Brinker
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