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Personal statement topic advice?

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I've actually already written a personal statement, because I initially planned to apply during this last cycle. I decided to take a year off and I'm now going to be submitting applications later this fall. When I made this decision, I put my application materials aside with the intention of revisiting them so that I could perfect everything and be able to submit all materials as early as possible. Well, I decided to revisit my statement this week and, to put it bluntly, I hate it.

I'm struggling to come up with other ideas... Can anyone suggest resources/exercises that can help stimulate brainstorming?
Adam Tyson
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There are a lot of good resources out there to help you, kaed, and I will start by pointing you to just one of them: our blog. We have a 10-part series on writing your personal statement, and there's a lot there to help you move through the process, starting with Part 1 - Take Your Time. Given where you are in the cycle, that advice works well for you! Check out that series, starting with this link: ... your-time/

and then you can find the rest just by searching the keyword "personal" at our blog's home page.

Remember, throughout the entire process, the Personal Statement is just that - personal. It has to be about you. Part 3 of the series talks more about that, and gives a great example of a personal statement that tells a compelling story that is, ultimately, not up to the task at hand. Make sure that whatever specifics you use, the focus is always on you - who you are, what makes you special, why law schools should want you in their program.

One last thing - avoid claiming that you are unique (or worse, "very unique", which isn't actually a real thing). We've heard more than a few times how that sort of claim raises the hackles on some adcons.

Check out that series, and get to work! You can do it!
Adam M. Tyson
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Dave Killoran
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There are a ton of angles that could fit for any person, but this seminar might help you frame it: PowerScore’s Law School Personal Statement Seminar
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