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March 2019 LSAT - Saturday International Test Discussion

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The Saturday International LSAT was a reuse of the February 2012 LSAT.
Details can be found here: LSAT Test Archives: The February 2008-2018 Details

On Saturday, March 30th, 2019 the LSAT is being administered in South America, Central America, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The LSAT that international test takers are given is different from the US/Canada test, so we have created this thread to minimize confusion as everyone gets together to talk about their test content.

When you post, please indicate when and where you took the LSAT, and then follow the posting guidelines (and other considerations) provided below!

This information can then help you better predict your own scoring outcomes, and determine whether to keep or cancel your score (although these days you rarely should cancel since only your highest score matters). For more assistance on making that decision, please visit: The Ultimate LSAT Scoring Guide: Should You Keep or Cancel?

Per LSAC policies, you are allowed to discuss LSAT question topics and difficulty in general. For example, this means you can identify a game by name and discuss whether you thought it was difficult. You cannot talk about specific answer choices, however. So, "The Water Tubes game was difficult for me" is fine; "the answer to the first three questions was A in that game" is not acceptable.

Note: The list below will be updated in real time as we learn more about the exam, and thus is neither official nor complete while the discussion is ongoing. If you are considering cancelling based on the details provided here, give this thread a day or two so that we can make sure all of the information is accurate.

North American LSAT Information

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Sunday International LSAT Information

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Sabbath-Observer LSAT Information

See viewtopic.php?t=27512
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My real logic games were:

2. A game about pet owners
4. A game about short and long commercials

Real RC:

1. Indigenous heirloom crops
2. Public tax subsidies for art
3. Corporate bankruptcy law
4. Artifacts in the desert

Had three logical reasoning sections
Dave Killoran
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Hey Nick,

This was the February 2012 LSAT that you had today! Tons of details over here: ... t-details/

I'll update above shortly...
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