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March 30th, 2019 LSAT Information and Discussion

Jon Denning
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Brenda wrote:I had LG LR LR RC LR

Does everyone get the experimental section in the same order ? I had a hard time with my first LR section mostly because I was freaking over the games. I’m trying to figure out of that was the experimental section.

Hi Brenda - thanks for posting! To answer your question: no, not everyone gets the same experimental section (either in content or placement) even with common overall orders. LSAC will often, or at least occasionally, give the same order but swap experimentals around, so some people with three LRs in the order you had could have exp in 2, while others, even in the same room, could have their exp in 3 or 5. It adds a ton of confusion and uncertainty to the identification process, as you can no doubt imagine :hmm:

Only two methods are reliable in determining what was real and what wasn't, with the first being far better than the second: (1) question topics/content, since everyone has the same scored sections; (2) question counts, since everyone has the same number of scored questions. For the second of those, we know the two real LR sections on this test had 25 questions each, so if one of your LRs had 26 then you'd know right away it didn't count. And that has actually been the case for many people today! But if all three had 25 questions (which has also happened today) then you're left with just question topics as your sole means of identifying which sections were real and which one wasn't.

I know that's not the great-news answer you were probably hoping for, but unfortunately it's the reality created by multiple test forms that, at a glance, appear identical but ultimately aren't.
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Thank you! Praying for the best. I hope this is it for me. I hate that my nerves got the best of me.